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Get a custom benefit plan that fits your company's size and stage.

100% Flexible

Employees enjoy complete flexibility in how they spend their flex dollars: from dental and massage to laser eye surgery and fertility treatments. 100s of services are covered.

100% Tax Deductible

Our plans are 100% tax deductible to the employer and 100% tax free to the employee. Stop wasting tax dollars on expensive benefits and take advantage of flex plan today.

Designed for Owners & Employees

Employees can have a plan designed to match their role with a fixed set of flex dollars while owners & executives can choose to manage large scale family expenses such as orthodontics, psychologists and large medical expenses in a tax efficient manner.

Loved by Employees

Employees will love the ability to allocate flex dollars based on what's important to them and their family.

Who We Are

Reid Benefits works with employers to create custom benefit plans. We present options that are not available through traditional insurance companies with an added focus on First Nations businesses. The unique plan we offer First Nations is the only one of its kind in Canada and it respects the medical and healing practices of these communities. We also have developed an In-House Program to offer companies a Private Health Services Plan.

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Erica's passion for benefits carries over to everything she does. From employee engagement to plan design. She was able to create a tailored benefits plan that exceeded expectation for employer and employee.
CR - CEO at Sortable
Launching a business is hard and so is attracting talent. Being able to offer benefits to my employees from day one in a way that was both flexible and cost effective made a huge difference.
Nicole Kteily - Entrepreneur

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