Business Insurance

Funding your Buy-Sell Agreement

Most Businesses have taken the care to set up a buy-sell agreement, but oftentimes these agreements are left unfunded. An under-funded buy-sell agreement presents additional risk to the business; how will shares be transferred if there is no capital to complete the transfer? Consider reviewing your buy-sell agreement scenarios and funding, and by doing so, you will ensure that the shareholders and business are prepared and protected. You take care of your upside, and let us help you take care of the downside.

Key-Person Coverage

Most businesses have at least one person responsible for a disproportionate amount of the companies’ productivity. Without whom, the business may experience a financial setback. Consider the risk involved in losing this person - When one person is integral to an operation, it becomes increasingly important to put contingencies in place to protect earnings. Let us show you some ways to transfer this burden; reducing the overall risk the business faces.

Critical Illness and Disability for Executives

Healthcare options beyond OHIP coverage require capital and if the need presents you have two options; delve into your savings, or rely on your strategically placed insurance that will provide tax free lump sum, or income stream, allowing you to seek the medical care and recovery you need without reducing your personal capital. We work with a team of high-net worth experts that will take into consideration all factors coming into play. Interested in talking about the coverage options available to high income individuals? Talk to us today.

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