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If you are an individual looking for life, disability, dental or drug coverage, there are options available to suit what you are looking for. The options vary in terms of pricing, inclusions and exclusions and vocations. Individual benefit coverage has come a long way in the last few years, so there are definitely some exciting options to choose from.


Sometimes owners of a small business have found it difficult to find options for health insurance. Well, that’s where we come in. If you own your own business there are actually several options available to you, depending on what your needs and budget are. As a solopreneur you are eligible to set up your own Private Health Services Plan, having the business cover all of your personal health & medical expenses.

Employee Health Benefit Plans

If you are looking for various coverage options for your company of 3 or more, then Employee Health Benefit Plans are available to you. Employee Health Benefit Plans combine claims processing and Insurance coverages. We will show you all the ‘building blocks’ that are available to create your package, and let you decide on what goes into the plan.

First Nations

Companies that employ both Status and Non Status Employees are eligible for exclusive First Nation Health Benefit Plans. These plans provide coordinated (NIHB) health & dental coverage for Status employees, resulting in a reduced plan cost to the Plan Sponsor. In addition, these specific plans allow for a more robust disability benefit, and allow grandchildren as dependents. In essence, It’s a package that has been built around the needs of First Nations communities. Give us a call and we can let you know all of the other benefits of this plan!

We will work with you to put a package together keeping in mind

Budget, both this year and going forward

Purpose of the plan

Tiers or classes in your plan, and hallmarks of each

What type of benefits your employees are looking for

How payment will be split between employees and employer

If you want your coverage to be open ended, or restricted

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When we build a plan, we can add or omit nearly any component you wish, tailoring your plan to you


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